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Hurricane Impact Doors Miami FL

Start your hurricane preparedness project by thinking about the door that your family uses most: door.

Doors are your main entry point into and exit from your home. Doors are subject to a lot wear and tear because they are constantly being opened and shut. Your doors will eventually start to look tired and begin to show signs of failure, such as draftiness or sticking, after a while.

You can repair your door, but it will eventually be impossible to do so. You need to replace your door with a high-quality product that is not only beautiful but can withstand any storm. Miami Windows & Doors will help you choose a high-quality impact doors and hurricane windows Miami, FL residents need.

Our hurricane-resistant impact doors are strong from the frame. The hurricane impact door comes with a vinyl frame. This frame offers more strength than a standard 2×4 frame. The impact doors can then be mounted on the new frame using reinforced, hurricane-rated hinges. 


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