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Dania provides all you want; beaches, sunlight, and perfect weather across the year. However, the city is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes with many experienced impacts. As a property owner, you must ensure safety and save on maintenance costs by high quality impact windows. Miami Windows and Doors have specialized in Dania’s impact window installation and replacement for many years. So, we’ve learned a thing or two about why you need perfect security. You can rely on us to protect your home from the harsh effects of Florida weather with our professional service.

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Our Top Quality Hurricane Windows 

Hurricane windows are better and more resistant to intense storms than normal glass windows. Durable hurricane glass is a substitute for the usual window glass. Hurricane glass is made to resist strong winds and protect against flying debris.

While hurricane and impact windows are almost similar, a few key characteristics distinguish them. Impact windows save your property from flying debris and strong winds, whereas hurricane windows go a step farther. Hurricane windows in Dania, FL are mostly made to fulfill particular building norms and municipal regulations.

The layered glass is manufactured from two glass pieces bonded with a flexible and robust polymer layer. Even if any flying debris hits the window glass, the coating is undisturbed, protecting the home interior during strong storms. Similarly, it keeps the glass from crashing into bigger, sharp fragments that could endanger anyone inside the house.

Another critical element for maximum protection is a strong frame for impact windows and doors Dania. Proper installation is necessary for maximum performance; hence specific impact windows come with pre-drilled installation holes for perfect fitting, great result, and calmness. Your hurricane impact windows Dania does not need special storm preparation to meet local standards. Before the storm hits, close and lock your windows.

Why Choose Impact Windows in Dania?

Increase the Worth of Your Property

If you reside in a hurricane-prone region, the safety and protection by the best impact windows Dania, decreased power bills, and insurance costs will raise the value of your property to prospective purchasers.

Storm Defense

Windows are the major cause of most domestic harm during storms, and each year, many homes are impacted by hurricane-force winds. Hurricane impact windows can help shield your home from these critical hazards. These windows are carefully intended to protect your property from severe winds, heavy rains, and debris.

Single Installation

If you’ve ever coped with plywood or hurricane shutters, you are familiar with the difficulty of putting them up and taking them down during hurricane season. One of the primary advantages of hurricane impact windows is practicality. They need to be installed once and will provide continual safety long after hurricane season is over. There is nothing further you must do once your impact windows are installed.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Impact windows feature a strong framing and an impact-resistant layered glass with an innovative low-emissivity finish. They are made to survive strong winds and particle damage, making them less likely to break even from direct effects. It is critical to be able to endure damage, as a smashed window is the last thing you wish for during a storm. Here are different types of impact windows Dania:

Picture Impact Windows: Picture windows are big pieces of immovable glass that remain in place and do not open, close, or slide. Picture windows are so-called because of their capacity to optimize natural light while also providing a lovely outlook. Most are custom fashioned and then installed to meet the unique specifications, enabling the homeowner to express their individuality and flair.

Single and Double Hung Impact Windows: A single-hung window has one operating sash, whereas a double-hung window has two. These windows are among the most adaptable and design-friendly solutions available. They come in a multitude of colors, helping a homeowner complement the intended appearance of their home.

Casement Impact Windows: These windows fling open on hinges and can shift vertically or horizontally. They are perfect for homeowners since they can open the window partially or completely.

Sliding Impact Windows: Sliding impact windows are similar to double-hung impact windows, except they are flipped on their side. Sliding windows are made up of two windows, one fixed and one that slides horizontally. These windows are great for dwellings with low ceilings since they open and close with no internal space required.

Dania Replacement Windows

A replacement window in Dania is a smaller version of the original window that substitutes most of the existing window’s components, such as the glass and moving mechanisms. As a result, Dania window replacement is not a one-for-one match. Generally, if the apparent area of your present window has degraded or been broken, and its physical performance no longer functions well, it’s time to evaluate replacement windows.

Miami Windows and Doors – KCG installs and replaces heavy-duty, high-quality, energy-efficient impact windows in various materials. These designs can be customized and produced for your home. All impact windows are held to a higher level through experimental verification to ensure they meet and surpass industry norms and extra tests that go above and beyond the minimum.

Your Trusted Window Installers in Dania 

Miami Windows and Doors – KCG stands for quality, reliability, and tranquility. In addition to impact windows, we provide hurricane resistant doors to any Florida homeowner that requires them. We provide cutting-edge technology in Dania window installation, and doors for residential and business uses. Our expert technicians collaborate to provide our customers with a seamless process and good results.

We are the best impact windows manufacturers in Dania, FL you can rely on. With many personal client testimonials, you can expect nothing less than the finest from us. We are convinced that with our help, your fulfillment is assured. Follow us on Facebook!

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