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Miami Impact Windows

Hurricane impact windows, also known as storm-proof or hurricane-resistant windows, are made from impact resistant glass with a layer of polyvinyl butral or ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA). This means that your windows will resist debris hurled at your home by hurricanes and tropical storms up to 200 mph.

We are your Miami windows and door specialist. We understand the importance of keeping your family safe. So we offer the highest quality hurricane windows Miami FL homes are ensured to be safe.


Florida is known for hurricane season. You cannot predict when or if a hurricane will strike, but you can plan how you protect your family.

Hurricane force winds can pick up debris from the ocean and land during a storm. This includes small and large objects. These objects are then scattered about until they are eventually ejected, often towards the homes in the path of the hurricane.

Traditional homes have windows made from one sheet of glass. This means that debris can quickly cause damage to the windows as soon as it enters the house. This creates a sudden pressure difference in your home. If your roof is blown off, it can cause your walls to collapse. Impact glass windows are used in hurricane-resistant windows. They help prevent air pressure changes from occurring, keeping you, your family, and your home safe.

Impact resistant windows are not only safe but also reduce noise and help to reduce break-ins. Criminals discover that these windows don’t break just as easily as regular windows. We offer door and window financing to provide the protection you need at an affordable price.

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